photo credit: Heikki Rasilo

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I'm a postdoc in the Computational Cognitive Science Lab at the University of California, Berkeley and Princeton University working with Tom Griffiths. You can reach me at or

My work revolves around the hypothesis that human intelligence is underpinned by a capacity to pool computation over generations, in ways that resemble inference and optimisation algorithms. I study the languages we speak and their cognitive underpinnings as paradigm examples of the capacity to discover efficient representations of our environment via cultural transmission and social interaction.

I am broadly interested in understanding the role of long-term computational phenomena in the construction of natural and artificial intelligent systems. My main research focus is on integrating computational approaches to cognition with evolutionary aproaches to cumulative culture, focusing on language and technology. My research combines methods from experimental psychology, machine learning, evolutionary theory, and computational linguistics. I am currently focusing on algorithmic experimentation and crosslinguistic computational semantics.

Previously, I was a Levinson scholar at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics and a postdoc in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Brussels. I did my PhD work (summarised in this paper) with Simon Kirby and Kenny Smith at The University of Edinburgh.


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